The First Results From The Juno Mission Are In - And They Already Challenge Our Understanding Of Jupiter


from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Leigh Fletcher, University of Leicester

Ten months after its nerve-wracking arrival at Jupiter, NASA's Juno mission has started to deliver - forcing scientists to reevaluate what they thought they knew about the giant planet. The first findings from Juno, published in Science, indicate that many aspects of Jupiter have defied expectation - including the strength of its magnetic field, the shape of its core, the distribution of ammonia gas and the weather at its poles. It certainly makes this an exciting time to be a Jupiter scientist.

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What We Read Today 27 May 2017

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Countries Hit By U.S. Tomahawks Since Desert Storm


-- this post authored by Niall McCarthy

In response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun in April, the U.S. military carried out a cruise missile strike on an airbase in Homs Province.

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Infographic Of The Day: Blockchain Could Change The Backbone Of The Stock Market

The conceptual backbone behind the stock market itself hasn't changed much. In fact, the model we use today for settling trades and ensuring proper share ownership is still based on the one initially created in the 17th Century.

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Video of the Day:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can help protect your identity when making purchases online. But it's not foolproof. Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's most famous hackers and author of the book "The Art of Invisibility," offers some tips that will help you remain anonymous.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

Ocean temperature anomalies this week are far less dramatic than last week. Perhaps this suggests less drama in the forecasts. We discuss again why we believe the calls for an El Nino are a bit bizarre. Mostly we discuss the current 6-10 Day, 8-14 Day and Week 3-4 forecasts for the U.S. which surprisingly are more controlled right now by the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico than the Pacific.  We also review the overall World situation.


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New Tech Reshaping Old Industries

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Military Spending In Southeast Asia

Written by Dan Steinbock, Difference Group

Who Are ASEAN's Biggest Military Spenders, Really?

The conventional military narratives highlight aggregate expenditures and downplay per capita spending. Realities are more nuanced, both globally and in Southeast Asia.


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19 May 2017: ECRI's WLI Growth Index Ticks Marginally Up

ECRI's WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward remains in positive territory for over one year - after spending the previous 35 consecutive weeks in negative territory. This is compared to RecessionAlerts similar weekly leading index.

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