Boom Or Bust: Tech IPOs Can Go Either Way



-- this post authored by Felix Richter

The initial public offering of Snap was undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated IPOs in recent years.

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What We Read Today 29 March 2017

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Crumbling Comet? The Great Debate About Whether Rosetta Rock 67P Is Breaking Apart

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Monica Grady, The Open University

It is almost six months since the Rosetta spacecraft completed its operations in a controlled dive onto the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimanko. The landing, after which Rosetta could no longer communicate with Earth, may have marked the end of data collection from the comet - but not the end of news about 67P. The archive of information amassed during the mission will be a rich source of material for many years. In fact, the data interpretation phase of the mission has barely begun.

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Infographic Of The Day: Which Countries Are Going In The Right Direction

With so much polarization on key issues, it's tough to get a pulse on where the world is heading.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

Short-term the lower Mississippi Valley seems prone to flooding issues and tornadic activity. Some models are predicting an Active Phase of the MJO for April and May. This could consolidate the two branches of the Jet Stream and trigger Kelvin Waves. If there was warm water in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool this could induce an El Nino.


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29Mar2017 Market Close: DOW Closes Down 42 Points, SP 500 Up At Close, Nasdaq Clearly The Winner Closing Up 0.4 Percent, Wall Street Investors Happy

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Free Immigration Is The Moderate, Common-Sense Position

by FEE,

-- this post authored by Bryan Kaplan

There are many complaints about governments, but the harshest is, 'This government grossly violates human rights.' The background assumption is that human beings have rights that everyone - including governments - is morally obliged to respect.


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February 2017 Pending Home Sales Index Improves?

Written by Steven Hansen

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) seasonally adjusted pending home sales index rebounded to the second highest level in a decade. Our analysis says the opposite but the rolling averages insignificantly improved. The quote of the day from this NAR release:

... Looking ahead to the busy spring months, Yun expects to see continued ebbs and flows in activity as new supply struggles to replace listings that are going under contract at a very quick pace. ...

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